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*Click here* to download our VHHC Membership Agreement and complete the following steps:

  1. Print & Fill out the membership agreement.
  2. Scan the completed form along with a copy of your valid state-issued identification card (passport acceptable) and doctor's letter of recommendation.
    1. WITH PATIENT ID CARD: When scanning your completed membership agreement, place ID card in blank area below Physician Information
    2. WITH PASSPORT: Scan separately from the form
  3. E-mail the scanned copies to vhhc420@gmail.com
  4. VHHC will respond via phone or e-mail once the doctor's recommendation is verified (within one week, usually sooner)
  5. Once verified, you can start selecting your delivery order by *clicking here*. Your VHHC membership card will be delivered with your first order.

Your membership will be pending until we verify your letter of recommendation.


Bring in a copy of your doctor's letter of recommendation and your valid state-issued photo ID to VHHC during regular business hours. Please note that medical cannabis ID cards are optional under state law, therefore please bring the documents to fully be in accordance.

When bringing in your doctor's recommendation, either online or in person, the processing time varies. Some recommendations offer quick 24-hr online verification, while others are only verifiable Monday through Friday during the doctor's office business hours. Depending on your doctor, verification may take up to one week.

New members are welcomed kindly with a new patient package that includes a medical marijuana joint and 40mg jolly rancher. You will also receive your VHHC membership card that you must bring along to all future visits (replacement cards are $5).