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Thank you for your interest in joining Vallejo Holistic Health Center

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We are open 21 and over! Just email over a copy of your valid state-issued identification card (passport acceptable)!

Send to vhhc420@gmail.com

We are medical as well! Just be sure to include a copy of your doctor's letter of recommendation along with your valid state-issued identification card (passport acceptable)! 18 and over with a valid recommendation!


We are 21 and over!

Bring in a copy of your valid state-issued photo ID to VHHC during regular business hours.

If you are joining as medical we will also need you to bring doctor's letter of recommendation

We will accept a card from the doctor as long as we are able to verify!

When bringing in your doctor's recommendation, either online or in person, the processing time varies. Some recommendations offer quick 24-hr online verification, while others are only verifiable Monday through Friday during the doctor's office business hours. Depending on your doctor, verification may take up to one week.

You will also receive your VHHC membership card that you must bring along to all future visits (replacement cards are $5).